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We specialize in assisting US business owners navigating complex tax situations in the US. We understand the challenges of running a business, particularly when it comes to taxes. Count on us to support you every step of the way.


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We offer a comprehensive suite of services to streamline your US business finances and taxes.

US Business Taxation

We manage federal, state, and local tax filing for all business types: LLCs (1065), C-Corps (1120), S-Corps (1120 S), sole proprietorships (Schedule C), and partnerships.

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Franchise Tax

Discover the importance of Franchise Tax filing for businesses and stay compliant with tax regulations.

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Form 5472 Filing

Discover the importance of Form 5472 filing for US businesses and stay compliant with tax regulations.

US Business Bookkeeping

Our Bookkeeping Services are focused at reducing the finance and accounting costs of our clients by helping them with their management

TheTaxBooks - Professional Tax Services: Expert tax professionals ready to assist you with tax-related matters

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Our mission is to add value to both individuals and small businesses with highest-quality tax, accounting services, which contributes to your success. Our goal is to succeed on your success.

Our vision is to be Accounting and Tax firm of choice globally. We will strive for continual growth based upon a reputation of excellence derived from proven results.

We value innovative, timely, efficient, solution-oriented, and cost-effective services and systems. We are committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We provide leadership to the community in delivering proactive bookkeeping and tax services that encompass sound financial controls and the effective and efficient use of University resources.

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Our Reviews

Your feedback propels our mission. Dive into testimonials from some of our clientele, emphasizing our expertise in U.S. Company Formation, Individual Tax Filing, and Business Taxation. These reviews stand as genuine affirmations of our unwavering commitment to your success.
John PondisJohn Pondis
14:45 21 Aug 23
Excellent service, competitive pricing, prompt and professional response. I would recommend them highly to anyone who seeks to engage them.
Sai VenkatSai Venkat
06:13 11 Aug 23
Very Professional and Responsive. Finished my filing within hours
P RaoP Rao
15:53 01 Aug 23
I had the pleasure of using Trusens Tax Books LLC for my taxes, and their service was truly outstanding. Their unmatched expertise in handling complex tax regulations resulted in reliving from all the complexities that I need to handle. Kishore’s dedication to client satisfaction was evident in his friendly and approachable demeanour, making me feel valued throughout the process. The firm's efficiency and timely approach ensured that all deadlines were met seamlessly, providing me with peace of mind. What set them apart was their ability to offer personalized solutions tailored to my unique financial situation, making a significant difference in optimizing my tax outcomes. I highly recommend the CPA tax services to anyone seeking professional and reliable assistance for their tax needs.
Karthik GKarthik G
14:48 17 Jul 23
I have been utilising the serivces of Trusens for years now and it's a delight to interact with the team and specially with Mr. Kishore Chennu. He very knowledgeable and has a solution to almost every problem. I have been filing my taxes thru Trusens and am very happy with the service they provide.Thank you to the team @ Trusens Tax Books.
Maria JacobMaria Jacob
11:17 25 Jun 23
Highly satisfied with the service (individual US tax returns) at a very reasonable rate. Quick responses and trustworthy!
Vamsi KrishnaVamsi Krishna
10:44 10 Jun 23
Contacted Trusens Tax Books LLC for Incorporation of new company in US. They have guided me in each step and made the process smoother, from opening bank accounts , registration they took care of everything. Thank you very much for the excellent service with very competitive price.
krishna vamsikrishna vamsi
09:45 10 Jun 23
I am very satisfied with registration of my business in USA and also opening of US bank account. I got very good service with a competitive price. I strongly recommend Trusens TaxBooks LLC for any US related services.
Kiran D SouzaKiran D Souza
09:51 27 May 23
Good service with excellent follow up. They guided us very well for US company registration and did it in a very professional manner. Cost is also very competitive. Highly recommended. Good working experience with Trusens TaxBooks LLC.

Benefits of Using Our Services

Let us handle the complexities of business tax filing, so you can focus on running your business. Our services ensure accuracy, save you time, and uncover opportunities to maximize your deductions and credits.

  • Avoide Penalty

    Ensuring compliance with IRS regulations and avoiding penalties.

  • Save Time

    Saving time and effort by letting professionals handle the filing process.

  • Minimize Errors

    Minimizing the risk of errors and inaccuracies.

  • Expert Guidance

    Access to expert guidance and advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The process depends on your business structure (C Corp, S Corp, LLC, etc.). Generally, you’ll need to gather financial records, choose the appropriate tax form (e.g., Form 1120 for C Corps), calculate taxes owed, and submit the return to the IRS electronically or by mail. Consider consulting a tax professional for guidance.

  •  US businesses are taxed on their net income, which is calculated by subtracting business expenses from gross revenue. The tax depends on the business structure and tax laws.
  • Tax will not be paid by LLC/LLP/S-Corp/Disregarded entities as they are Pass through entities, any taxes will be passed to the partners/members/shareholders. However, only Corporations will be taxed @21% of the taxable income. 

 Deadlines vary depending on your business structure (e.g., March 15th for most entities, April 15th for Corporations). Late filing can result in significant penalties and interest charges from the IRS and state authorities. 

Tip: File on time or request an extension to avoid penalties.

Business structure determines which tax form you use and how your business income is taxed. Pass-through entities (LLC, S Corp) generally don’t pay separate income tax, while C Corporations do. 

Tip: Consult a tax professional to choose the best structure for your tax goals.

Accurate and organized bookkeeping records save time and ensure accurate tax filing. They help you calculate your tax burden and support deductions and credits. 

Tip: Invest in a bookkeeping system or consider professional bookkeeping services.

The specific form depends on your business structure. Common forms include Form 1120 (C Corporations), Form 1065 (Partnerships), and Schedule C (Sole Proprietorships). 

Tip: Consult the IRS website for guidance on choosing the right form.

Complex business structures, unfamiliar tax laws, or want to maximize deductions and credits are all reasons to seek professional help.

Tip: Tax professionals ensure accurate filing and can save you money in the long run.

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